The Base Chakra

In this blog post I will outline some basic information on the base chakra, provide some information on how a blocked or unbalanced base chakra effect our physical body and a meditation exercise for the base chakra.

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The Chakras, the Aura and Using, Crystals Introduction.

Welcome to my new series of posts aimed at providing information on the Chakras, the aura and using crystals.
This first post is an introduction to explain what the Chakras and aura are and what they do.

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Mercury Retrograde

A simple guide to using crystals during a Mercury retrograde

In this post I will be covering the following subjects.

  • What it is and why it happens.
  • What it effects.
  • Which crystals will be beneficial.

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Spheres and Long Points

This post is dedicated to providing an understanding on crystal spheres and naturally occurring long points.

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Clusters and Geodes

This post will focus on clusters and geodes, clusters and geodes are very similar and most crystal clusters would of at one point been part of a larger crystal geode, this makes their properties rather similar but with small differences.

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Points and Double Terminated

In this post I am going to provide a little information about crystal points and double terminated crystals, there is also a simple exercise you can try that requires two quartz points.

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