Points and Double Terminated

Points and Double Terminated

In this post I am going to provide a little information about crystal points and double terminated crystals, there is also a simple exercise you can try that requires two quartz points.


Many crystals have points, some are large points and some can barely be seen, the points can be naturally formed or artificially shaped. A single terminated point will have definite facets coming to a point at one end, on the other end it can be rough where it has been separated from the cluster or of smooth if it has been artificially shaped and polished. In healing single terminated points are used to draw energy off the body when pointed away and channel energy when pointed towards the body.

Exercise to try

Gather two single terminated quartz points.
Place one in each hand, the left hand point should point towards your wrist and the right hand point should point towards the fingers (see picture below)

This creates an energy circuit, the right crystal is allowing negative energy to be drawn off and away from the body and the left crystal is channeling positive energy into you.
You can sit and meditate while doing this to feel the effect of the quartz crystals.

Double Terminated Points

Double terminated points like single terminated points have definite points but on both ends of these can be naturally formed or artificially shaped.
These crystals have the ability to channel energy in two different directions at once, radiating and absorbing energy at both ends, for this reason double terminated points are used for balance, the double terminated points can unify spirit and physical, it can also be the conduit between two energy fields.
In healing they will absorb negative energy and help to break old patterns, it is good for helping deal with addictions. They can also be used to integrate blocked parts of the self.

Crystal Information Points and Double Terminations

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