Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde

A simple guide to using crystals during a Mercury retrograde

In this post I will be covering the following subjects.

  • What it is and why it happens.
  • What it effects.
  • Which crystals will be beneficial.

What is Mercury Retrograde and why does it happen

You may of heard on TV, in films or even from friends the words “Mercury” and “Retrograde” together and never knew what it actually was .
Mercury in retrograde is an astronomical event that takes place 3 to 4 times a year. Due to Mercury’s shorter orbit, it passes Earth and as its orbit bends Mercury slows down and appears to to stop, then it appears to reverse its orbit. Mercury hasn’t actually changed its direction of orbit and started traveling backwards but it is an optical illusion.

What does the Mercury Retrograde effect

Mercury is the ruler of communication, travel and technology, when Mercury enters a period of retrograde these parts of life can become haywire. The effects of a retrograde can be felt a couple of weeks before and after the retrograde has ended.

When Mercury enters a period of retrograde you are likely to experience breakdowns in communication, there are likely to be more misunderstanding whether it is the person not communicating with you properly or them misinterpreting what you are trying to say, this can effect face to face conversations, by phone, email and mail. Contracts, agreements and arrangements should be reviewed and completed before the Mercury retrograde to ensure no communication breakdowns effect these or you will need to wait until the retrograde has ended.

Travel is also effected during this time, greater organisational skills must be executed to make sure we are not the cause of the delays, and patience is needed when we are effected by delays.

Technology is susceptible to the retrograde and since we use technology in our day to day life for things such as communication and travel, expect the retrograde to add an extra layer of issues and ill effect. You could back up your phone and computer as a precaution.

You can find the dates of future retrogrades online and even guides on how to calculate them yourself, it is a wise decision to put these dates into your calendar so you can be prepared for the next retrograde.

Crystals to help survive a Mercury Retrograde

These crystals will not stop the effects of the retrograde but the will change the way you react. It is advised to carry or wear these crystals with you throughout the day during the Mercury retrograde period.

Pyrite is useful during the Mercury Retrograde for helping relieve anxiety and frustration.
EHowlite will teach you to have patience and help eliminate rage, it allows for calm and reasoned communication.
Green Calcite aids communication, helping move from a stagnant position to a positive one.
Jasper promotes our organisational skills and imparts determination to all pursuits.


Other useful Crystals

  • Amber – Promote positive mental state and patience.
  • Green and Watermelon Tourmaline – Instills patience into use.
  • Celestite – Promotes mental clarty, fluent communication and assists with conflict resolution.
  • Moss Agate – Promotes self expression and communication.


A simple guide to using crystals during the Mercury Retrograde

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