Spheres and Long Points

Spheres and Long Points

This post is dedicated to providing an understanding on crystal spheres and naturally occurring long points.


Crystal spheres or balls are usually artificially shaped from larger pieces, spheres can either be clear and flawless or include flaws and inclusions. Spheres emit their energy in all directions equally creating a spherical flowing energy field around themselves. Crystal balls are synonymous with scrying as an art of divination, crystal spheres are used as windows into the past and future and are able to move their energies through time.

Long Points

Crystal can form themselves into natural long points, these points are also mimicked and larger pieces of crystal can be artificially shaped into long points to be used as wands.
These crystals whether natural or artificially formed can focus their energy in a straight line, they are used extensively in healing or ritual work, they will rapidly transmit energy towards the body and radiate it away when the crystal is pointed respectively.
I will provide more information on naturally and artificially made ones in future posts.


As stated above, scrying is an art of divination, divination is comes in many forms, the most recognizable are, tarot cards, palm reading and crystal ball gazing, however there are many other forms, scrying itself can be done in multiple ways, with a bowl of water, a crystal ball, or a mirror.
I am no expert when it comes to scrying or any art of divination but anyone has the skills they need to learn and enhance their skill to use different methods of divination.

If anyone would like a little more information on divination and scrying please leave a comment on this post, if I receive a few people asking for information I will write a post dedicated to the subject.

Crystal Informtion Spheres and Long points

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