Autumn Inspired Infinity Scarf

Autumn Inspired Infinity Scarf

For my first knitting blog post, I would like to share with you my first knitted scarf.
The inspiration behind the scarf is my love of autumn and all the colours it brings, from the changing leaves and the pumpkins people display on Halloween. I even enjoy the temperature dropping which means its a perfect excuse for a scarf.

I never followed a pattern for the scarf it was all made up spur of the moment and I didn’t even think it would work at first.
I knitted the scarf flat and planned to sew it along the side and at the top to create an infinity scarf.


Stylecraft Special DK in colours Camel, Copper, Mocha and Meadow.
4mm knitting needles.
Needle for sewing.


I cast on 15 for each colour and an extra 4 for the end colours as a seam allowance and a garter boarder to reduce the curling of the stockinette stitch.

For the first 6 rows I knitted garter stitch, using the intarsia method to join the colours together at each colour change, after the 6 rows change to stockinette stitch and knitted until I reached my desired length, My scarf measured 60 inches in length.

Switch back to garter stitch for 6 more rows at the end of your scarf to sew the two end together.



Next I had to block the scarf, since stylecraft special is 100% Acrylic I had to be careful when blocking the scarf. I decided to use steam from an iron just to reduce the amount of curl the stockinette stitch had, this would make it easier to sew together.

Pinning the scarf face down with the wrong side up I gently steamed the edges and middle. focusing mostly on the garter stitch boarder and being careful not to let the iron come too close to the scarf in case the acrylic yarn became damaged.


Sewing Together

Finally my scarf is knitted, blocked and read for the more difficult part, sewing the sides and top and bottom together, I am not a pretty sewer and I cant make things look perfect as if they are one piece entirely, after 2-3 hours of sewing down the side I was ready to finish the scarf and rushed through the sewing the ends together. In hindsight I think I need to take more breaks when it comes to my sewing.





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