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Vortices Socks
Vortices Socks
Vortices Socks

Vortices Socks

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Vortices socks are inspired by the many natural occurring vortices, from the powerful weather changing vortex in hurricanes or the simple swirling when you pull the plug on a bath.

Contrast heel and toes are optional you can knit this in all one colour or even use up scraps of old yarn, I have used West Yorkshire Spinners for my heel and toes.

Skills required

Stretchy cast-on
K2togtbl - knit 2 together through the back loop
K2tog - knit 2 together
C1R - Sl 1st to CN, hold at back, k1, p1 from CN
C1L - Sl 1 sts to CN, hold at front, p1, k1 from CN
Magic Loop
Kitchener Stitch
Picking up stitches


1 Skeins of 4ply yarn suitable for socks.


30 sts in 10cms in stockinette


2.75mm needles 100cms long
2.75mm needles 25cms long optional so you don't have to do the whole sock in magic loop.


S, (M): 21.3cm, (26.6cm) circumference

Sock Tip, after placing waste yarn for the heel, knit about an inch in pattern then pick up the heel stitches, this allows you to try on the sock periodically so you knit the right length foot.


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