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Swatch Incentive

The Swatch incentive!

I have started this as a lot of people would like to see my yarn knit up in swatches, so they can see how the yarn works up.

As I am sure you will all understand that making these swatches is a little low on my list of priorities. That's why I have decided to outsource this to you my lovely customers!

Below is a list with the colourways that are needed and if they need to be knitted or crocheted. You can make the swatch out of your left over yarn or if you swatched for a project you can send that in. 

I would prefer the swatches to be around 4inch x 4inch plain stockinette stitch.

For each swatch received back I will provide you with a discount code of £3 to be used on your next order.

Please note I will not be providing the yarn for the swatches the idea is that the swatches are made from customers left over yarn

Colourway Knit Crochet
The World Tarot    
Flower Moon Completed  
Melancholy Reserved  
Fluorite - Aran BFl    
Energize Reserved  
Watermelon Tourmaline - DK BFL    
Lepidolite - DK BFL    
Snow Moon - DK BFL    
Spellbound - DK BFL Reserved  
Hunters Moon - DK BFL    
Harvest Moon - DK BFL Completed  
Lapis Lazuli Completed  
Blood Moon - 4ply Corriedale    
Aphrodite - 4ply Corriedale    
The Fool Tarot - 4ply Corriedale    
Ra - 4ply Corriedale  Reserved  
Poseidon - 4ply Corriedale    
Mercury Retrograde - 4ply Corriedale    
Isis - 4ply Corriedale    
Demeter - 4ply Corriedale  Completed