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My name is Scott and I am the owner of Crystal Yarn

Here's a little background on me: 

I have been fascinated by crystals and their associated properties since my teens. I have over the years gained hands on experience and knowledge regarding the healing properties and uses of crystals.

Crochet and knitting are both new adventures in my life, I started learning crochet knitting in 2017. I started dyeing yarn in 2018 where I fell in love with creating different colourways and experimenting with yarn bases and knew I wanted to share these with people.

My business opened in July 2018 and I have loved every minute of sharing some of my passions with you all. 


This site is not for self-diagnosis or treatment, my advice and experiences expressed in this website are not intended to replace conventional medicine, all symptoms and illnesses should receive medical attention. Any views expressed on this blog about crystals, yarn or anything else are solely my own, I have not been paid by anyone for my views and if I do in the future I will ensure that it is clearly stated.