Yarn Bases

I choose my yarn bases carefully to ensure that they are the best quality and have the best characteristics for your projects. so if you are confused as to which base will suit a project check out the below information.

I use a few different UK based supplies, some of my yarns are grown, sheared and spun in the UK, some others are imported.

I always aim to source my yarn as well as my dyes and other materials from local sources and the best suppliers/ manufacturers, if this means that some times I need to go further afield to get better quality or something a little different and unique then I will.

Below I have outlined each yarn base, starting from the smaller weights going up.


Castle Rigg Circle
Named after a local stone circle, this yarn is 100% British Blueface Leicester, it is next to skin soft so can be used for anything worn next to the skin but is also strong enough to be used for sock yarn too.
Each skein is approx 110grams and approx 385 meters, this yarn has been superwash treated.

Princess Street
Named after a natural occurrence of stone runs on the Falkland Islands, this yarn is 100% British Corriedale (some fleece is sourced from the Falklands when needed) this yarn is fast becoming my favourite, its incredibly soft and has a natural colour I simply love but it is also suitable for socks and any other project you could dream of.
Each Skein is approx 100grams and approx 400 meters, this yarn has not been superwash treated so is a great ecofriendly non-nylon sock yarn.

The Roof of the World
Named after the highest plateau in the Himalayas where yak yan is used for its incredible lightness, warmth and its natural cleanliness.
Yak yarn is nearly as soft as cashmere and blended together with the superwash merino (70% Merino 20% Yak 10% Nylon) this yarn is incredibly soft and strong from the nylon, it is a dream to work with, I have knit a cowl and a pair of socks from this yarn and it's like being wrapped in a cloud.
Each Skein is approx 100grams and 400 meters, this yarn is superwash treated.


Bail Rigg Circle
Named after a local stone circle, this yarn is 100% British Bluefaced Leicester, non-superwash treated so you get that natural soft woolly feeling from the yarn.
Each skein is approx 100g and 224 meters.

Moray Ruins

Named after an Inca structure in South America, this yarn is 100% South American Merino where the sheep live a naturally good life, before any dyeing technique this yarn is certified as organic. The yarn has not been superwash treated.
Each Skein is approx 100g and 225 meters.


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